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Stoma - Care Principles

Explore GistMD's Stoma Care Principles Guidance System, encompasses empowerment, support, and patient engagement. Our personalized education equips individuals for effective stoma management, enabling them to better adapt to their new medical condition. Tailored materials empower patients to confidently manage their stoma care, promoting self-sufficiency in managing their condition. 


Patient education regarding stoma’s care principles can pose challenges to the medical staff but GistMD's platform is here to assist them! Using comprehensive and accessible information, our platform empowers patients to proactively manage their care. This not only reduces the patient’s need for guidance but also saves valuable time for medical staff.

Patient journey


Receiving a text message and choosing Personal Avatar

GistMD helps patients adapt smoothly to life with stoma, at home as part of their daily routine. We offer important insights, helping patients recognize the red flags and better understand what is considered an emergency, and demands consulting with specialized stoma nurses.

Stoma Care in daily routine

Patients receive a text with a link for instant access to our web platform - no downloads needed. The patients can customize their experience by choosing an avatar that reflects their identity better: gender, age, and ethnicity. This personalized character will appear in the educational videos, making learning both informative and relatable.

Monitoring patient engagement

Our platform actively monitors compliance data and engagement by tracking patient actions such as link access, questionnaire completion, and video views. This valuable data equips clinicians to offer targeted support to those facing challenges with the guidance system. Moreover, the platform can send reminders to unresponsive patients, ensuring they remain dedicated to their stoma care treatment.

Personalized Stoma Care Principles Guidance

The nurse creates cases for new patients, considering the patient’s individual stoma type and needs. Personalized educational videos are tailored accordingly. Integrating our platform with the division's management system adds convenience for healthcare staff.

Creating a new case

High-Res smartphone.png

GistMD offers personalized stoma care guidance, empowering patients well - being by providing them a sense of control and self-sufficiency. We provide them with practical instructions for managing stoma care, including information about their specific equipment. From dietary guidelines to intimate relationships, we address physical changes and provide guidance for a more empowered living. Our aim is to ensure that patients are well-informed in their journey adapting to lifestyle changes.

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