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Case Manager 2.0

Digitized informed consent form

Personalized preparatory instructions

After watching the video, the patient can view, download and print personalized preparatory instructions.

Patients are encouraged to read the personalized informed consent form they will sign in the presence of a physician at the clinic.

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Cardiac Catheterization

System benefits

Patient journey

Using a simple and user-friendly interface, the Cardiac Catheterization Patient Education Module provides patients and their caregivers with personalized information on the procedure and required preparation. Improved patient engagement leads to increased patient preparation and satisfaction. A Case Manager Module provides easy-to-use solutions for communication with personal physicians and solicitation of informed consent.



patient preparation

Reduces medical and administrative staff workloads

Increases patient satisfaction

Unengaged patients receive reminders 96 and 48 hours ahead of procedure

The platform monitors patient engagement and sends reminders to unengaged patients 96 and 48 hours ahead of procedure. Patients unresponsive to their last reminder are flagged for direct intervention by clinic staff (see below).

Administration module monitors patient engagement

An easy-to-use administration module monitors patient engagement. Unengaged patients are flagged for direct intervention by staff. The module provides reports in a number of formats.

Clinic staff open a new patient case and update the patient’s personal information (age, gender, and language preference),  the indication for catheterization, the date and time of the procedure, and the patient’s mobile phone number. Optionally, the clinic’s patient management system can be connected directly to the platform.

New patient case opened by clinic 

Patients and/or caregivers receive an SMS with link to personalized animated video

Patients and/or caregivers receive an SMS to their mobile phone with a link to a short background questionnaire. Based on the patient’s data and responses to the questionnaire, the system creates a personalized animated video for the patient to watch.

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