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The GistMD Solution

for Pre-Anesthesia Education for Children

Deployed at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in 2020



Effective pre-procedure guidance, accurate calibration of expectations, and increased patient satisfaction


Improved patient engagement and safety through use of personalized tools


50% reduction in pre-anesthesia evaluations


How the product was used to reduce 50% of pre-anesthesia evaluations

Product designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team of senior physicians in the fields of anesthesiology, intensive care, and pain.

Patient's animation is personalized based on information entered by the surgery coordinator and by the patient's parents, who fill out a preoperative questionnaire. Patients whose background condition does not justify a pre-anesthesia evaluation and have viewed a personalized video, are exempted from a traditional pre-anesthesia evaluation.

How it works

After a decision on a procedure is made, the surgery coordinator opens a new event on the platform





Parents of patients receive a text message from hospital with link to video and preoperative questionnaire



Parents fill out questionnaire



Parents and patient

view personalized video



Parents affirm receipt and understanding of preoperative instructions

Parents responses to preoperative questionnaire enable hospital anesthesiology team to pre-screen for necessity of preanesthesia evaluation

If parents entered negative responses to all questions, and viewed the video, no further evaluation is required, and the patient arrives at the hospital on the day of the surgery, meeting the anesthesiologist at the operating room.

If parents did not respond to the questionnaire, or entered one or more positive responses,

a separate pre-anesthesia evaluation at the hospital is scheduled for the patient.



"The instructions were clear, and I understood the steps. My daughter hasn't had surgery before. Knowing that she might act differently after the surgery was reassuring because it's normal after anesthesia. If I didn't know this, I would have been very anxious"

Mother of the pateint

Group 40068.png

"The video was both pleasant and informative, clearly explaining the process and soothing my nerves. As someone who prefers to have a comprehensive understanding, it was reassuring to know everything in advance. It was user-friendly and the reassuring tone made it less intimidating."

Patient, 8

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