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Post-discharge is one of the most challenging phases in a patient's healthcare journey. The Gistmd’s Discharge Education Module engages patients to continue their treatment at home and effectively manage their recovery.  The module helps patients to better understand the post-discharge demands, step by step.
Using the personalized video and a user-friendly interface, the program guides patients in grasping the importance of maintaining follow-ups with their family doctor, undergoing follow-up tests, and staying consistent with their new prescribed medications.

How it works


Effortless Guidance Follow-ups

Our intelligent engagement system simplifies the task of monitoring the patient’s follow-up care


The easy and simple method to create a personalized post-discharge intervention


The method must be simple, yet comprehensive, considering individual patient factors like clinical condition, demographics, and personal preferences 

Tailor-Made Education Module: A Personalized Pathway to Empowerment


In the complex world of healthcare, one size does not fit all. Every patient's journey is influenced not only by unique demographic and clinical characteristics but also by expected outcomes 

Let’s gist! The most important information for the patient is in the palm of his hand

Recovery doesn't end at discharge, and neither does our commitment. Gistmd’s Discharge Education Module is designed with empathy, innovation, and a patient-centered approach

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