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Our Personalized Education Kit for Diabetic Patients is an informative and engaging resource, that helps patients to manage and cope with their diabetes, and by that empowers them. 


The personalized user-friendly interface and videos help the patient to better understand the different phases of their treatment and encourages them to take an active role in their care by making informed decisions and confidently managing their diabetes.


Patient engagement is a key to success – increasing engagement leads to better outcomes.

Patient journey

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Receiving a text message

Patients and/or caregivers will receive a text message containing a link to the Gistmd platform on their mobile phones. The link provides quick access to the interface, eliminating the need for any downloads. Once the patient has accessed the platform, they can choose their preferred avatar based on their gender, age, and ethnic origin. This personalized avatar will then feature in their animated educational video, tailored to their specific background and preferences.

Effortless Personalization:

Our Innovative Recombination Algorithm

The full video is created instantly and divided into three parts, representing different stages of injection or use of the glucometer. Patients can easily switch between the parts, allowing for comfortable viewing of the content they are interested in, and to receive all the necessary information for measuring blood sugar and injecting insulin correctly, efficiently, and safely.

Tracking Patient Compliance

To ensure that patients remain engaged with their diabetes management, the platform monitors their compliance data and engagement by tracking whether they have opened the link, answered the questionnaire, or watched the educational video.


By having access to this data, clinicians can provide  more effectively for those who struggle. Additionally, the platform sends notifications to patients who are unresponsive to text message reminders. This helps to ensure that patients stay on top of their diabetes management and receive help to effectively manage their condition.

Optimizing Diabetes Management: Visual Guidance for Injection Areas

When a new patient visits the clinic, the clinic staff will create a new case for them and update their personal information. Depending on the patient's needs, the type of pen prescribed and information, the educational videos will also be defined and sent accordingly - this may include a sugar test video, an insulin injection video, or both. 

Furthermore, the clinic's management system can be integrated with the Gistmd platform for even greater convenience for the clinicians and staff.

Creating a new case

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