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The Gist Notebook helps physicians communicate diagnoses using an animated heart simulator personalized to each patient’s pathology, symptoms, and proposed tests.

Development of the app was led by Professor Shmuel Banai, Director of the Cardiology Division at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and Dr. Ofer Havakuk, Director of Cardiologic Hospitalization at the hospital.

The Gist

Notebook app

At the core of the app is an animated heart simulator that the physician easily personalizes to the patient's individual pathology, producing a vivid animated simulation on the device. The simulation can then be shown to the patient at the clinic, as a communications aid during consultations.

An animated
heart simulator


your patients

Further personalization -- of symptoms, proposed tests, and the patient’s gender and language -- enables creation of a 3 minute long personalized educational video. The video, accompanied by a personalized message, is shared with the patient by SMS, Whatsapp or email, and can be reshared with family.

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