Case Manager 2.O

After watching the video, the patient can view, download and print personalized preparatory instructions.


Personalized preparatory instructions

Digitized informed consent form

Patient is encouraged to read the personalized informed consent form he or she will sign in the presence of a physician at the clinic.

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Using a personalized animated video, the Colonoscopy Patient Education Kit provides patients scheduled to undergo the procedure with personalized preparatory instructions, in a clear and friendly manner. The Kit is highly versatile, and is usable in the outpatient, inpatient and community care settings. In the outpatient setting it is associated with a reduction of 30% in rates of inadequate bowel preparation. 

Patient receives link to

mobile phone

Patients receive SMS to their mobile phone with a link to a short medical background questionnaire. Based on the patient’s profile and the responses to the questionnaire, the system creates a personalized animated video for the patient to watch.

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System identifies and contacts non-engaged patients

The platform monitors patient engagement and sends reminders to non-engaged patients after 24 and 48 hours. Patients unresponsive to the last reminder are flagged for direct intervention by clinic staff.


Patient journey

Patient receives reminder at crucial preparatory junctures

Patients are reminded 96 and 48 hours ahead of the procedure to modify food intake in preparation for the procedure.

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Administration module monitors patient engagement

An easy to use administration module monitors patient engagement. Non engaged patients are flagged for direct intervention by staff. The module provides reports in a number of formats.

Clinic staff create a new patient case and update the patient’s personal information (age, gender, and language), the type of bowel preparation solution prescribed, the date and time of the procedure, and the patient’s mobile phone number. Optionally, the clinic’s patient management system can be connected directly to the platform.

New patient case opened by clinic

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System benefits

Reduces rates of inadequate bowel preparation by 30%

Reduces medical and administrative staff workloads

Increases patient satisfaction

One module,

three settings


Component of Internal Medicine Toolbox used by nurses at the Tel Aviv Medical Center


Used by outpatient colonoscopy
coordinators at Tel Aviv Medical Center and Wolfson Medical Center to improve preparation adherence and decrease no-show rates​


Used by Meuhedet HMO to improve colonoscopy scheduling adherence rates among high-risk patients with positive FOBT (Fecal Occult Blood Test) results