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Labor Induction

Navigating the journey of childbirth can be both exciting and challenging.

To support and empower expecting mothers through this unique phase, GistMD presents its ‘Personalized Labor Induction Education Program’.
Through this innovative platform, we aim to demystify the labor induction process and to prepare women for what to expect. This leverages the power of digital health and offers a personalized, engaging, and empowering learning experience.


Improves patient preparation

Increases patient satisfaction

How It Works

The clinic sends the patient a link to her mobile phone

Patient fills out a

personalization questionnaire


LP mockup EN.png

Based on the the answers to the questionnaire, the system automatically creates a personalized animated video and screens it to the patient


Patients are encouraged to download, read and print a personalized informed consent form 




״Providing a pregnant woman with organized information through a video, illustrating what she can expect during the birthing process, leads to fewer surprises and greatly facilitates the entire experience. This approach not only assists us the midwifes, but also reduces the need for extensive explanations from doctors.״


״If I was a pregnant woman with limited knowledge, being provided with a video explaining what an epidural entails would have greatly boosted my sense of preparedness, confidence, and understanding. 
It exemplifies the potency of knowledge, which effectively reduces feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.”

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