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Panet, the Arabic-language news site on the value of Gist's system for non Hebrew-speaking patients

GistMD's system provides a personalized patient education solution for non Hebrew-speaking patients in Israel. The full Arabic article can be read here.


Panet l March 29, 2022 l Illustration by GistMD

"When patients do not speak the dominant language in the country as a mother tongue, the [engagement] challenge is even more difficult...That's why finding digital solutions for education for Arab, Russian and Amharic-speaking patients is central to the current agenda of the Israeli public health system."

Professor Fahed Hakim, Medical Director of the @Nazareth Hospital EMMS and a GistMD Co-Founder:

'This project is, to say the least, a revolution in service for Israeli patients in general, and for the Arab community in [also provides] an opportunity to export Israeli digital health to the Arab world.'"



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