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GistMD featured in Coller Venture Review

GistMD is featured in the latest issue of the Coller Venture Review, published by the Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University.

The 2020 issue is themed Bridging Theory and Practice in Venture, and industry analysis section is focussed on innovation in digital health. Authors Lilach Weisz and Tamar Many examine "Leading Transformative Change in Digital Health - Lessons from Practice" through the lens of our firm's experience:

"GistMD’s mission is to create a smart platform that provides patients with personalized information about their medical journey, including explanatory videos about diagnoses and procedures. The platform engages patients in their medical processes, leading to reduced patient anxiety, greater patient satisfaction and time saving for medical staff...They have also successfully deployed their platform at a world-leading research hospital [Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center] and are in the advanced stages of deployment at other leading hospitals, who will become the firm’s first paying customers. The transformation from initial bedside observation to a funded digital health startup, would have been unlikely absent their early, hospital-centric trials."

Industry Analysis | Digital Health Innov
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