Gist's Mission

Whenever patients, anywhere in the world, need to obtain, read, understand and use healthcare information in order to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment, they will be empowered by Gist's personalized tools. 


The most important pieces of information about something

Oxford English Dictionary


Low levels of health literacy and patient engagement are associated with poor treatment outcomes, significantly extended hospital stays, higher readmission rates, and higher hospitalization costs. 


Based on the understanding that personalized patient education is a fundamental precondition for effective patient engagement, we’ve developed a platform that enables highly scalable production of personalized content, profoundly improving patient engagement and literacy levels.


Our Platform

Gist's proprietary technology seamlessly combines animated video segments into an interactive video on the planned procedure, needed preparation, and the recovery process. The video is individually tailored to the patient’s language, age-group, gender, planned procedure, pre-existing medical conditions, and to locally prevalent regulations and best practices.

A Personalized Animated Video

Uses metaphors and analogies to help understanding of complex medical conditions and terms

Simple, personalized, and in the patient's native language

Reduces patient anxiety and stress

Accessible to patients and their families throughout their journey

A solution for every setting

Gist's personalized patient engagement platform provides a flexible framework for bridging communication gaps between patients and healthcare providers across the full spectrum of clinical and regulatory situations. The platform’s modular architecture and SaaS-based use model make it highly adaptable to varied parameters on the national, healthcare facility, patient routine, and individual patient levels.

Meet Our Team

Gist’s executive team has extensive experience in leading both private and public health-tech companies with a strong focus on personalized medicine. The team is supported by a multidisciplinary group of top experts in the fields of medicine, artificial intelligence and machine learning, health policy, animation and visual communication, anthropology, and psychology.


Dan Rolls

Founder and CEO

Amir Beker, PhD

Chairman and CTO

Prof. Ori Rogowski

Board Member and Chief Medical Officer

Director, Internal Medicine C,

Tel Aviv Medical Center

Prof. Idit Matot

Chief Medical Advisor, Anesthesiology

Director, Anesthesia, Pain and Intensive Care Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Orit Neudorfer, MD

Board Member & Chief Research Officer

Director, Clalit Dizengoff Child Health Center

Lilach Bivas

Operations Officer

Noam Kalina

Chief Customer Officer

Prof. Shmuel Banai

Chief Medical Advisor, Cardiology

Director, Cardiology Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Elinor Karni

Lead UI/UX 

Adam Einfeld

Art Director

Adi Lavon


Prof. Anat Loewenstein

Chief Medical Advisor, Opthamology

Director, Ophthalmology Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Aviva Shemer

Marketing Manager

Bat Zion Shachar, MD

Medical Advisor, Gynecology

Attending, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Maccabi Healthcare Services

Daniel Nave, PhD


Prof. Fahed Hakim

Chief Medical Advisor, Pediatrics

Director, Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Daniel Stocki, MD

Medical Advisor, Anesthesiology

Director, Paediatric Acute and Chronic Pain Clinic,

Tel Aviv Medical Center

Daniella Benaim

Community Manager

Didi Remez

Marketing Communications Manager

Prof. Jacob Glazer

Chief Health Economics Advisor

Professor of Economics, Coller School of Management,

Tel Aviv University

Dita Golan Hadari

Medical Advisor, Nursing

Registered Nurse, Certified Midwife & Certified Breasfeeding Consultant

Isaac Sinai, MD

Medical Advisor, Anesthesiology

Resident, Anesthesia Department, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Nehama Karpol Burak


Avi Yaron

Healthcare Development Advisor

Co-founder & General Partner, HealthYA Ventures Lab

Ofer Havakuk, MD

Medical Advisor, Cardiology

Attending, Cardiology Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Saar Bar Oz

Lead Developer

Yaron Connelly


Eran Wagner

Strategic Growth Advisor

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, i3 Equity Partners

Ziv Nir, MD

Score Composer

Alon Yeger


Ariel Gorlik


Limor Beker

Strategic Growth Advisor

Managing Director, Hamilton Lane

Ilai Zuberman


Liora Shilman


Noa Segal


Nursing Division, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Noya Mizrahie


Sabrina Seriol


Oryan Ventura

Product Design & Animator

Or Levi


Noam Venturero


Shoham Smith


Michal Barski


Chen Wolf


Enab Mshelh

Graphic Designer

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