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Israeli Channel 12 News on GistMD's Cardiology Kit

Shesh Im | Channel 12 News | December 14 2020

Oded Ben Ami: When you’re hospitalized, you worry. What can be done to relieve the feeling of uncertainty experienced by anyone who’s ever been hospitalized? [What can be done] to improve the [the patient’s] knowledge about the staff treating him, and about the test and procedures he will undergo. Ben Mittelman heard about an interesting innovation in this field, created at Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv. Hello, Ben.

Ben Mittelman: Good evening, Oded. You know that as the son of a doctor, I like to interview doctors. Especially about technological developments. Today we were at the Cardiology Division at Ichilov, and I want to present a technological innovation deployed here last week. An interesting development. Simple, and I think its power is in its simplicity. Take a look.

[Caption] Personalized Medicine | The innovation that will inform the patient of his exact situation using a personalized animated video

Nurse: We have a new feature that can explain to you why you’re here. You’re here because of heart failure. Together, we’ll input your data and then you’ll get a video explaining your specific situation.

Animation: Hello, you are watching this instructional video that will prepare you for the tests and treatment that have been scheduled for you in the near future, and will give you basic information about the problem that brought you to us.

[Caption] Prof. Shmuel Banai, head of the Cardiology Division, Ichilov Hospital

Prof. Shmuel Banai: [This is] an application that we’ve been working on for a year and a half with a hitech company. An animated video personalized for each patient, in terms of his physical profile, the language he speaks, his age, his ethnicity and his specific pathology. [It’s also] very exact with his medications, so he gets answers to all the questions he might have.

[Caption] Dan Rolls, Founder and CEO of Gist, the product developer

Dan Rolls: We sat here for more than a year and half, discussing all aspects of the disease in weekly meetings. [The] animators, directors and scriptwriters [all] studied the patient journey.

[Caption] Yisrael Fein, patient at Ichilov hospital

Yisrael Fein: I think it’s excellent. I don’t really understand [my medical situation]. [The application] shows me what I have. What I can do…[what’s] good [and] bad for me.

Oded Ben Ami: It’s good to be healthy.

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