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Patient journey

Using a simple and friendly interface, the Diabetes Patient Education Kit provides patients and their caregivers personalized information on the required preparation. Improved patient engagement leads to significant increases in success rates.


Patient and/or caregiver receive SMS with link to platform

Patients and/or caregivers receive an SMS to their mobile phone with a link, enabling them to personalize their own animated video.

A Personalized Education Video is Created

containing all the information about blood sugar test and insulin injections, to increase the patients engagement and adherence by high education level and better care.

Monitoring & follow up:

Patient Compliance Data

The platform monitors patient engagement and sends reminders to non-engaged patients 96 and 48 hours ahead of procedure. Patients unresponsive to the last reminder are flagged for direct intervention by clinic staff.

Visual reminders and highlights for injections areas and order

Clinic staff opens new Patient Case and updates the patient’s personal information - ID, phone number clinical information and type of diabetes education video needed. Optionally, the clinic’s patient management system can be connected directly to the platform

New patient case opened by clinic

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